Client and Project Examples

Here you find a selection of projects realized by Jürg Kurmann for which he was the responsible leader and in which he also has personally performed the major work part.

Coaching of Sale of Company

Kurmann Basel Switzerland - Consulting at Contract Negotiations Unafortis

Coaching of the staying entrepreneur in the negotiations about the sale of the company to G. Kolly SA of French speaking Switzerland and structuring the transaction over several phases.

Consulting at Contract Negotiations

Kurmann Basel Switzerland - Consulting at Contract Negotiations Unafortis

Structuring of important price optimizing financial definitions in connection with closing accounts items at the sale to the NYSE-listed Luxoft.

Geographic Growth Strategy

Georaphic Growth Strategy. Pemsa with Jürg Kurmann M&A

Systematic target research in German speaking Switzerland. Initiating and supporting the negotiations in a leading role, structuring the transactions and support of the transaction processes until completion of the acquisitions of 100% of the share capital of Tiro Personal AG and MBT AG, both Zürich.

Structuring of Partnership

Advising in the expansion of the management and shareholders team to include a new partner with equal standing into the team in order to support the ambitious growth plans of the company and to prepare long term for future partner succession.

Consolidation Acquisition

Schaer Pharma

Identification of the transaction opportunity and advice to the buyer in the negotiations to acquire in an asset deal product rights and the global distribution rights of human OTC products.

Joint Venture

Tritec, m&a basel, kurmann

Joint Venture between Tritec and the Swiss-German Energiedienst Holding AG for the markets of Switzerland and Germany.

Company Sale

x-compound, Unternehmensverkauf, Kurmann

Competitive company sale project. Selling to the German Troester-Gruppe.

Business Acquisition

halma, unternehmenskauf, mergers&acquisitions, kurmann, basel

Systematic target search in Europe for the English Halma plc. Identification and completion of a purchase of the Swiss Medicel AG, a leading global manufacturer of intraocular lenses.

Company Sale

company-sale m&a basel TDM trans-data management

Support of the Board of Directors of Trans-Data Management AG in executive management. Lead in the sale of a controlling interest to Hadorn Industries AG.

Strategic Partnership

testex, unternehmenskauf, kaufprojekt, kurmann, basel

Global «360 degree» search- and buy-project. Identification of the Irish Allergy Standards Ltd. with a in the USA leading label for allergy and asthma-friendly consumer goods and completion of a participation-based strategic partnership.

Corporate Governance

swiss-red-cross, corporate governance, kurmann, m&a

Design of the corporate governance; Development of the ownership strategy for the significant commercial blood fractionation business (ZLB) and coaching of the process for the decision to divest which was then carried out by an investment bank.

Shareholder Representation in Board

kurmann basel: bernische lehrer versicherungs kasse

Review of all direct investments. Joining the Board of Kieser Training AG and sale of the minority participation to majority shareholders Mr. and Mrs. Kieser.

Operative and financial company liquidation

napac, firmen-liquidation, kurmann m&a

Active roles as Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO and liquidator. Sale of the operative business to the German Biofibre GmbH. Auctioning of the production facilities.

Global Acquisition

SEFAR, unternehmenskauf, jürg kurmann, m&a

Global «360 degree»  search- and buy project. On-site target evaluation in the USA, China, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Company Sale

succession solution, PharmaPart, Pierrel Pharmaceutici, growth financing

Realization of succession solution concurrently with a growth financing for the company. Sale in two steps to the Italian Pierrel Pharmaceutici S.p.A.

Company sale in executive Chairman function

Kurmann Basel - Bedag Gemeindeninformatik AG, Unternehmensverkauf

Sale of the loss-making and substantially contingent liabilities burdened Bedag Gemeinden Informatik AG via several intermediate steps, including assuming the function as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.